At Zen Life Oils, our CBD products are a derivative of 100% organically grown industrial grade hemp containing the highest quality CBD oil on the market. Our high grade raw CBD oil that is infused into all of our products comes from industrial grade hemp grown specifically for high CBD production. Our CBD Tincture is developed through Infusing CBD rich industrial grade hemp oil with high quality liquid coconut MCT oil. Our Vape Oil is flavorless & developed by infusing 99.7% pure CBD isolate with high quality 70/30 propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin e liquid base.

CBD is the main substance found in Industrial Hemp. Hemp has only 0.05%-1% of THC, which is where the psychoactive properties are, so with Hemp CBD oil there is no “high” feeling because it binds indirectly with the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. Unlike THC, which binds directly causing that psychoactive high feeling. Clinical studies have found CBD receptors play a significant role in many health and medical conditions.

CBD oil has been proven by studies to help relieve chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, & nausea. It has powerful anti-anxiety properties, it's great for ADHD/ADD, helps to fight cancer, lowers incidence of diabetes, promotes cardiovascular health & much more. There are no side effects with CBD, it's non addictive and does not interact with prescription drugs. More people are using CBD everyday, especially those who are tired of conventional medicines that are full of chemicals with extremely negative side effects.